Herbalism done simply

Have you ever wondered?

Why am I writing this blog?

I don’t know if you have ever wondered, but I have often wondered to myself, what would I do if the power went out for quite some time, for example, for a week or two, or maybe more even and something went medically wrong, it could be a nasty accident, a woman giving birth or an illness getting around, or simply a bad cold with a sore throat and lets say a headache thrown in for good measure, what would you do for medications? With our local chemist or super market just down the road, a bad cold is quite easy to treat and get back into life. But, is dependence on the local chemist, that is, the pharmaceutical industry really isn’t a good thing. There are many benefits that the pharmaceutical industry has given us. I personally have used there products many times, from simple bandaids to various pain killers to help myself to get by, and I guess they like it, and it helps them be what they are – a business, but is it really a wise or good thing, in the end, to be ‘so’ dependent, I think not.

Now before you read too much into what I’m saying, am I asking you not to buy medications or worse still not to see a doctor, absolutely not, this could be very harmful or life threatening, and if you need medical advice, or you have a medical emergency, go and get help as fast as you can. They produce some pretty amazing things, and when you need those pain killers, especially when your really hurt bad, you’ll be glad that they were there, but what if the power went out for two weeks, what would you do to treat yourself or a loved one?

If only you could just walk out your back door and right there was something that cost you nothing, yet could do you and others so much good, and possibly for free. Well, often there is something there, we just don’t realise it, because we have never been taught. That sore throat, that nasty scrape, that tummy bug, there really is help on hand.

Two examples:

1) My son was living away from home and in the big city and when I visited him one day, he had a sore throat and sniffles and was feeling miserable, and I wondered to myself, “what can I do for my son?” “Hang on a minute I thought, there has to be something growing here somewhere”. So off I went, and I just literally walked down the road less than a hundred metres and there was some Ribwort (Plantago lanceolata) for you technical buffs, very similar to Plantain (not the banana), “aha”, I said, “just what I’m looking for”, so I grabbed a few leaves and went back to his kitchen and chopped them up, threw them into some boiling water, added a little sweetener, and gave it to him to drink. Later on, I grabbed a few of the small plants growing just down the road and plant them into a long rectangular plastic pot, watered them in for good measure, and now he has his own, right at that door source of herbal help, at no cost, and ever ready to go. His medicine cabinate was growing outside. 

2) My daugther texted me one day, “Dad, what can you take for a sore throat”, now I could have just ask her why didn’t she go down the road and buy some cough lollies to sooth her sore throat. But no, I didn’t for two reasons, one, knew she wanted  a ‘natural’ source, and two, I wanted to teach her how to find and identify the source. So I drove around and found the plant, took several photos and sent them to her, so that she could help herself out and others in the future. Yes I wanted to empower her, like the old adage, “give a man a fish and feed him for a day, teach him to fish and feed him for life”. 


A nice crop of White clover, can you spot the bee? White clover has much to offer and it grows in many places and is killed off as a weed,

This level of ease and simplicity is really there, and yes it does exist, we all just need to learn and stop putting ourselves down, give ourselves a fair go and get ourselves educated, for what we are looking for, and how to use it. A bit of simple education and away we go.

So, come along with me on a journey of discovery and adventure as I present various herbs, and what are just some of the things you can do with them that are probably just at your back door or at least down the road. There will be many lessons learned by all of us, and I do mean to include my-humble-self in this, not just the readers, as not only am I learning how to blog, but how to do my best to present to you the reader, how to discover these plants for yourself, how to safely identify them correctly, and how to use them in different ways for your benefit.

I enjoy input and suggestions from others, so if you think I could do something better, just spin me a line and I’ll certainly consider it. Or if you have something encouraging to say then that would be nice too. If you have any questions about the herbs or methods or recipes that I present, just ask and I’ll do my best to answer them. If you cannot find any of the herbs that I write about, then in most cases I can post them to you. Just let me know what you interested in and I will to get the price of the item or items your interested in and the cost of postage, at the best price I can find and let you know.

I little about myself

I am happily married with four adult children and have already reached half a century, so it’s easy rolling from now on, and feel like I am restarting my life over again. Due to starting so many new things and frankly I encourage you to do the same.

I have always enjoyed the ‘Bush” as we call it here in Australia, and I have always loved adventure and to explore. I use to love going on camping trips when I was a boy, where I would go fishing with a close friend over long weekends. I went to the scouts one night if that helps any and would often go riding off on my own for hours to my mother’s distress. My heritage has farming and horticulture in its background and my parents successfully owned and ran a plant nursery in which they grew seedlings for herbs, vegetables and natives.

When I was young and foolish and wasn’t most of us, I honestly didn’t care enough about what I ate and what I did, but over the years after slowly doing more and more damage to myself, I started to change my views to how to live and what to eat. So now I am very conscious of what one should eat and how one should live. Up to now I have completed Statements of Attainments (SOA’s) for Advanced Diplomas in Natruopathy, Herbal Medicine and Nutritional Medicine, which involved four years of fulltime study and since then, I have completed a Diplomas in Master Herbalist and also Clinical Nutrition Consultation.

Next year I intend to continue further studies into other modalities, and honestly, I hope to continue studies in Natural and Alternative Medicines, for the rest of my natural life. These ‘continuing studies’ will involve much travel, and meeting people of different understandings, knowledge and experience in Traditional Medicine.

Here I am observing traditional medicine in Udaipur, Rajasthan India

I have recently started an online business selling herbs and herbal teas (tisanes) and can provide you with individualised herbal remedies for many indications. I have called my business, “The Herbarius”, which simply means ‘The Herbalist’, because I believe that Herbalism, the simple the use of herbs, and Nutrition, is the ancient and proper method for health and healing is still one of the best methods to bring about vitality to people everywhere.

Please remember, this blog cannot replace a health care professional or medical care, it is for informational and educational purposes only and is not for medical advice or treatment, and no cure is implied. If you have a known serious condition, or are pregnant, please consult your health care professional, before use, and a person should take medical advice where necessary.

Russell a.k.a. The Herbarius

Website: http://www.theherbarius.com.au

Email: theherbalist@theherbarius.com.au

Sales: sales@theherbarius.com.au

“Saving money is digging out to Freedom” – Herbal Panda

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